Mono Dicalcium Phosphate
- Feed Grade, Powder & Granular

Execution StandardHG2636-2000
Molecular FormulaCaHPO4• 2H2O+Ca(H2PO4)2• H2O
AppearanceWhite crystal powder or granular
PropertyEasily soluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, soluble in cool water, insoluble in alcohol. It loses crystal water at 109¢XC and decomposes to calcium metaphosphate at 203¢XC
PackagingIn 25 kgs net plastic woven bag with pvc inner lining
Phosphorus (P)21.0% min
Water soluble phosphorus (P)12.0% min
Calcium (Ca)16.0-20.0%
Fluorine (F)0.15% max
Arsenic (As)30 mg/kg max
Lead (Pb)30 mg/kg max
Cadmium (Cd)10 mg/kg max
Size90% min passes size 20-80 mesh