Animal Proteins

Hydrolysed Feather Meal

Data Sheet

Hydrolysed Feather Meal is produced exclusively from slaughter-house by-products (parts of poultry declared fit for human consumption before and after slaughter) extraction of fat by solvent and grinding. Hydrolysed Feather Meal not only supply protein and amino acids, but they can also be good sources of energy and minerals. Hydrolysed Feather Meal is one of the most important animal protein products for utilizing in the poultry and livestock.

Typical Analysis

Protein80% min
Moisture8% max
Fat6% max
Fiber3% max
Ash3% max
Particle Size100% passes through U.S. #10, 98% passes through U.S. #12 screen
ColourMedium to dark Brown
PackagingIn bulk in full containers loading